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Completing a will does not have to be difficult or expensive. We provide a secure, quick, cost-effective and easy way to complete your will. Learn more

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Why Do You Need a Will?

· Avoid the laws of your state dictating how and to whom your property is distributed

· Decide who will inherit your property and what they receive

· Choose the legal guardian for your children ensuring their future

· Choose your personal representative so that your estate will be handled and distributed by someone you know and trust

· Specify funeral and burial instructions

· Retain your privacy

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Why PrepareCase?

  • Convenient

    Use the power of the Internet to create a will from any computer.

  • Fast

    The will is created instantly.

  • Inexpensive

    You no longer have to pay the expensive fees charged by attorneys for the completion of a will.

  • Private

    The most private method of completing a will.

  • Safe and Secure

    We have taken the concern out of creating a will online by incorporating industry-leading security features into the process.

  • Legal

    The will you create is fully compliant.

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How It Works

3 easy steps

  • Enter the information

    Answer questions while referring to our helpful explanations and examples. The information you provide is saved in our secure database.

  • Print the will

    From the answers you provide the will is created. Print the will.

  • Sign the will

    Sign the will and follow our safekeeping instructions. Its that easy!

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